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      Scooter Answers Banner

      Have Motor Scooter Questions?

      Then... "SCOOTER ANSWERS" Is For You!

      If you have motor scooter questions for which you'd like answers, this may be the place for you. We'll try to answer as many of your gas scooter questions as we can.

      Genuine Scooters are America's favorite scooter! Click to learn more...

      I get a lot of people writing me with various questions about scooters and scooting. Sometimes I can answer them, but sometimes I can't. I don't profess to be knowledgeable about all types of scooters or every issue related to scooters. I'm just a gal who loves to scoot, wanted to share that passion with the Web world and also provide a central research spot where people could learn more about scooters and meet up with other scooter lovers.

      But along the way to building this site, a truly wonderful thing happened... A great group of fellow scooter lovers, most of whom are much more knowledgeable than me about the kinds of questions you all leave here, found the site and started joining in on answering the questions! Not only that, but they answer them sometimes within minutes of them going live and always with a great deal of helpfulness.

      Here's a gratitude-filled shout out to my ever reliable scooter friends, Jim Z., Ron from CT, Scooterchick, Bob the Artist, Happy Old Scoot, Texas Boy, Yoly and everyone else who takes the time to help new or struggling scooterists get answers to their questions. I'm sure I've missed a few regulars, but you know who you are & I appreciate you too!

      But back to YOU... If you have motor scooter questions, then scan the categories below and then go to that page and look to see if your question has already been asked and answered. If not, feel free to submit it and someone will be getting back to you real soon, I'm sure.

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      Motor Scooter Questions Categories

      If your question doesn't seem to fit into any of the categories above, then feel free to enter it below.

      WARNING... NO Text Speak Here!

      Worried smile

      This is MY website, so I make the rules. And one of them is that I don't publish "textspeak" here. If you ask a question, PLEASE use proper capitalization & punctuation! You're getting FREE advice here, so I hope you'll be respectful and take the time to type intelligibly. I get dozens of submissions every single week & I just don't have time to do heavy editing. If you type your question or review in ALL CAPS, all lower case, don't use punctuation or spell check, then I WILL delete it! No exceptions.
      Thanks for understanding,
      Kathi MacNaughton's virtual signature

      Have A Question About Scooters or Scootin'?

      Do you have a question about scooters or scootin? We'll try to help! But, please scan through and make sure someone hasn't already asked your question, so we don't have duplicate questions/answers on the site. THANKS!

      Also, bear in mind, I am only one person reviewing all the questions I get each week (more than 20/week). If I have to do heavy editing, it takes longer for questions to go live.

      Other Scooter Questions

      Click below to see questions from other visitors to this page...

      What is the best online dealer? 
      I've read both why and why not to order a scoot online but I couldn't find a direct answer as to who has the best reputation. I'm currently looking at …

      Where canI find the VIN number on a SYM Scooter? 
      I have a 2006 SYM Motor Scooter and I need to locate the VIN number in order to get an Alabama License and Title for it. Can anyone tell me where to look …

      Can you recommend a scooter carrier and also a bicycle carrier? 
      Do you know of a carrier that will go into our 2" hitch and hold our Vespa 150 CC LX scooter and we also want to be able to attach our bike rack to this …

      What is wrong with the start of my Kymco 250 Bet&win scooter? 
      I have a Kymco 250 Bet&Win scooter. I went on vacation for three weeks, then when I try to start it, something is wrong with the starter... It is not the …

      What is the location of the battery on a 49cc Raptor scooter? 
      Hi, where is the battery located on a 49cc Raptor scooter? Thank you Dennis

      Where can I find a drive gear for the speedometer cable on a Roketa scooter? 
      The odometer and the speedometer on a used Roketa MC-17-150 I recently purchased was not working I replaced the speedometer cable and it still does not …

      What is this part for on my Shenke 150 cc sl150-26 scooter? 
      I have a Shenke 150cc Model SL150-26 scooter. On the gear box on the rear wheel is what looks like a shifter. Could you tell me what it is for?

      Can scooters be modified for riders with Rheumatoid Arthritis? 
      Hello... I would like to learn how to ride a scooter, but I have rheumatoid arthritis and my hands are bad. Would it be possible for me to get a scooter …

      How do I open the seat on my Vespa 300 scooter if my battery is dead? 
      I own a Vespa 300 scooter and I can't open my seat. Unfortunately, the scooter's battery is dead. I thought there was a release in the glove box? Does …

      Should I use unleaded gas or a higher grade to run my TaoTao 50cc scooter?  
      I actually have a simple questions to ask. I just purchased a new TaoTao 50 moped scooter and wanted to know if I should run it on unleaded gas or use …

      Do you have to take the road test with a motorcycle or can you use your scooter? 
      Can I take the motorcycle license test with a 125cc scooter, or will they require I use a motorcycle?

      Are there rear carrier racks to mount on a car for long transport of scooters? 
      What is the weight range of scooters? Are there rear carrier racks to mount on a car for long transport? Years ago I owned a Honda 90 scooter and was able …

      Question about winterizing a scooter? 
      I read the tips..thanks! I am storing my Piaggio Fly 150 in an unheated garage, with a blanket to cover her. I will do the fuel/stabilizer dance, and have …

      What can you tell me about the Malaguti "Yesterday" scooter? 
      I am considering purchasing a 2004 Malaguti. What is the ease in obtaining parts, costs of parts and overall reliability?

      What is the best way to stabilize a scooter being towed on a trailer? 
      When transporting a scooter on a lightweight trailer behind a car, what is the best way to stabilize it? Do you use tie down straps? or what? The scooter …

      Any tips on how to get a new drive belt on my 150cc?  
      I've watched you tube videos and it looks so easy. When I try, the belt doesn't seem long enough even though I know it's the right size.

      Can I sue a manufacturer because my scooter's rear brakes keep locking on me & causing me to get injured? 
      Recently I purchased a 150cc Shenke scooter and the rear brakes keep locking up on me, have had several close calls of serious injury... recently injured …

      What can I do about my 50cc scooter getting harder to start? 
      I own a 50cc scooter that is getting harder and harder to start. It won't start at all now unless you spray with starter fluid. Then it will run fine till …

      How do I go about getting my MSO? 
      My dealer motobuys won't return my emails or phone calls. I have been trying to get my MSO from them for 3 weeks after I recived my scooter. I also emailed …

      Why does my scooter not accelerate? 
      I cleaned the carburetor on my scooter, but it did not help with my acceleration problem. It will start right up but when you try to go it stalls. Will …

      Any idea why my Sym125 scooter sounds like a tank? 
      I put 2 stroke oil in my Sym 125 scooter and should have used 4 stroke. Have changed it now, but it still sounds like a tank. Do you think there is something …

      Why does my charger keep showing the green light while charging? 
      I am charging my scooter battery and am wondering... Why does my charger keep showing the green light while charging and never shows the red light?

      Why does my scooter shake at low speeds? 
      My scooter is not running right. It struggles to gain speed and shakes a lot! But then smooths out as I gain speed... any ideas why this would be happening? …

      Where is the starter motor located on my Chinese made Eagle Sporty 150 scooter? 
      I cannot find the starter motor on my Chinese made Eagle Sporty 150 scooter! Where is the starter motor mounted? I cannot find any pictures or videos showing …

      Click here to write your own.

      How do I know what type of motor my scooter has? 
      New to scootering! The price was right! But... I just purchased a used 2003 Jehm Super Sonic (what the title says). How do I know if it is a 2 cycle or …

      Should I go back to a scooter or just give up riding? 
      Hello! I'm so glad to have found your website. Early last year I bought my first scooter - a cheap Chinese 50cc Tao Tao that was super fun and easy to …

      How do I adjust the idle on my motor scooter? 
      I own a 07 SC Baja 150cc scooter. My idle speed is a little low and I would like to raise it up a little. Can anyone advise me on how to accomplish that? …

      What would cause my head light and tail light to not be working on my scooter? 
      The head light and tail light suddenly stopped working on my motor scooter,all other lights are working fine. Does anyone know what would be causing this? …

      Where would I find the make and model on my used scooter? 
      I recently bought a used scooter on Craigslist and so far loving it for my short commute to work. Just one thing concerns me though. No make or model is …

      Can you change the seat on a scooter from the one it came with? 
      I have a 2008 Shanghai Shenke 150cc scooter. The seat that came on it is not all that comfortable, after you have been riding it for any period of time. …

      Are the gas savings on a scooter really worth it? 
      I have a paid for car that gets 32 miles to the gallon and I drive 20 miles to work. Most of it will be 3 lane highway with some side street. All …

      How do I change my headlight on my scooter? 
      I took my Carino 150 LE 2008 Znen Scooter front cowling assembly apart to change out the bulb and can't get it back together again. I bought the bike used …

      How do I change a flat tire on a scooter? 
      How do I change the back tire on my Velocity 50cc scooter, which has gone flat? Any help would be appreciated...

      Does anybody know the type and make of this scooter? 
      We have bought a scooter second hand and we would like to know if this scooter is EEC approved. I have attached some pictures. The only type or make info …

      What is your knowledge on Scooterdepot.us? 
      I have read some bad reviews on the Scooterdepotus.com and I really want to get a cheap scooter, because I'm low on budget. Are they durable and reliable, …

      Is there an easy way to use a Rear Kickstand? 
      I just purchased a scooter but am having a problem using the rear kickstand. I didn't realize how heavy the thing was until I tried to park it in the garage. …

      How can I find information on a Chinese made scooter? 
      I have the VIN for a Chinese made scooter which I now have. Where can I get information such as, Model, type and a owners manual?

      Where can I get a tachometer to adjust my fuel mixture screw? 
      I can't seem to adjust my scooter right, do not have a tachometer to do this adjustment. Can anyone tell me where I might find the tool for the job?

      What is the name of the color of my scooter? 
      I own a 2006 Kymco Bet and Win 250. It is a pearl red and silver color. I am trying to get the exact paint name/code so I can paint a luggage piece. Does …

      How can I verify a scooter without a title of origin? 
      My Venus retro was stolen but insured. The claims adjuster keeps asking me for the Title of Origin and I wasn't given one and the State of Maryland doesn't …

      Can I get recommendations for a scooter lift for a motor home? 
      I'm looking for a lift that will accommodate two motor scooters that we are planning to purchase. The lift will be attached to a 42 foot Holiday Rambler …

      Will my scooter be damaged after one month of exposure uncovered?  
      I have a newly restored '82 Yamaha Towny. I just ordered a heavy duty all weather cover, and as soon as it gets here it is going on it. However, for the …

      Need to change kilometers into miles? 
      Okay, I can roughly figure that a kilometer is .062(tenths) of a mile, and even handle the math in my head. Sort-of. If I know the miles I've traveled …

      Should you wear full protective gear or not? 
      The question often comes up about whether scooter riders and motorcyclists should wear helmets, boots, and jackets with protective linings. I slid down …

      How to turn a parked scooter around 
      It can be vexing to try to turn your parked scooter around while you are either sitting on it or walking it out of a parking space. To avoid all the jockeying …

      How Do Speeds Compare Between 150cc and 250 cc Scooters? 
      I am just wanting to know what the difference is for the 150cc scooter to a 250cc scooters speed?

      The Chicken or the Egg type of question. 
      Dear Folks, As you read the postings submitted by our members, the one outstanding point is made clear to all of us. Some ask which scooter is best, …

      Click here to write your own.

      Thanks for sharing your motor scooter questions with us, and please check back often for answers.

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      ATTENTION! I have had to delete the Scooter Forum for this site, unfortunately. Despite my best efforts, I could not adequately prevent daily attacks by hackers and spammers. Even though most of their posts did not go public, they still cluttered up my website host's server space, jeopardizing my account. I appreciate everyone's contributions over the past few years and I apologize for having to do this.

      Wondering why your scooter question never got posted?

      Chances are, there is a good reason. Did you...

      If you "checked yes" on any of the points above, then I've deleted your post. Sorry, but I have standards. Feel free to re-submit, following the instructions I have everywhere on the site.

      Also... all submissions have to be reviewed by me, and I am currently backlogged. Comments go live without approval, but still take 30 to 60 minutes to show up, so don't repost them, please.

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