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      SYM Scooters Reviews

      Read or Submit Reviews of SYM Scooters

      On our SYM scooters reviews page, you can either read reviews of SYM scooters or contribute your own...

      SYM Scooters Reviews Banner
      SYM scooters offer power & stability...

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      Browse our SYM scooter reviews for the truth about SYM motor scooters

      Some of the most enthusiastic scooter reviews on this site concern a brand I'd never even heard of before they started coming in... the SYM brand of motor scooters.

      SYM is a proven leader in the power sports industry elsewhere in the world, but in recent years, they have established a US presence, via the Carter Brothers Manufacturing corporation in Alabama, particularly in the area of motor scooters.

      SYM's slogan is "Engine of Life" and they stand behind the quality of their products, which are produced in Taiwan. If I were currently in the market for a scooter, I think I'd have to consider this brand. I have definitely recommended it to my hubby, who wants a more powerful scooter than my Genuine Buddy!

      Skip down to read the reviews or submit your own by filling out the form below.


      Worried smile

      While I appreciate your willingness to share your review here, I do have to require that you use use proper capitalization & punctuation when you type it. Please... no ALL CAPS! If you are not willing to do so, then I WILL delete your review! I'm sorry to be so inflexible, but... I just don't have time to do heavy editing and I won't publish ALL CAPS, all lower case, no spell checked or no punctuation submissions. No exceptions. So don't waste your time or mine in typing in such dreck, OK? Thanks for your cooperation!

      Share Your SYM Scooter Review

      Can you speak firsthand about a SYM scooter? If so, that's great... I want you to share it with our site visitors & community!

      Tell us all the ins and outs of what you do and don't like about your SYM scooter. The more detail you include, the more meaningful this review will be for future visitors to this page.

      A review that just says something like "Awesome scooter! Love it!" has no real value because it doesn't tell us what you liked... or didn't like.

      At a bare minimum, you should include info on the following factors:

      • Appearance & design
      • How well it runs/performance
      • Reliability
      • Price vs. value
      • Customer support from seller, if applicable
      • How long you've owned this scooter

      OK... please share! :)

      Other People's SYM Scooter Reviews

      Click below to see reviews from other SYM owners...

      Motor Scooter Review: SYM RV250 
      I fell in love with this scooter the moment I first test drove it in the local scooter store's parking lot. The handling was great, with good balance, …

      Another SYM Citycom 300i Motor Scooter Review 
      Here is my review of my SYM Citycom 300i Motor Scooter: It's fast(for 263cc), a little slow just off the line, but once the clutch engages, quick. Smooth. …

      2008 SYM Update 
      My scooter has been on the shelf since August. Parts are not available, anywhere. Efforts to contact the US Distributor of SYM are fruitless... they have …

      SYM Fiddle ll 125 Scooter Review 
      I am a scooter dealer and scooter rider. As a dealer, I try to check out every brand available, and look for several combinations of factors; price, quality …

      Lance Cali Classic Scooter Review 
      I love my Lance Cali Classic scooter, which is made by SYM and the reason I posted this review on this page. It's cute, fast, and fun to ride! But it is …

      My Review of My Sym 200cc Scooter 
      My Sym 200cc scooter has been great... until one year later. It has great pick up, it rides smooth, and is fun fun fun! The warranty is one year and …

      SYM Fiddle II Scooter Review 
      I am just in love with my new SYM Fiddle II scooter! She is pearl green, and absolutely beautiful! Here is my review of the SYM Fiddle II: The retro …

      2008 RV 250 Gas Scooter Review 
      2008 RV 250 Gas Scooter Review: I rode motorcycles for years, but kids... job... nagging ex-wife... I finally got back to riding this summer. I read a …

      Sym 200 Motor Scooter Review 
      You can't get parts for this bike. I traded in my Darby for the same reason and was told there would not be a problem getting parts. That is not true. …

      SYM Citycom 300i Motor Scooter Review 
      I've done 20300kms trouble free with my SYM Citycom 300i gas scooter now in all sorts of weather conditions. It starts first go even on the -6degC mornings. …

      Sym Joyride Evo 200i Scooter Review 
      I've been riding a Sym Joyride Evo scooter for abut 6 months (7000 kms. )and I used to have a KYMCO Grand Dink 150 before this one. When I first saw this …

      Sym Symphony 125cc Scooter Review 
      I have owned the Sym Symphony for 5 months and I have been in the shop every week at least once. The bike doesn't run in the rain. Apparently Sym is having …

      SYM CityCom 300i Scooter Review 
      I ride a SYM CityCom 300i. I have about 3100 miles to date. My opinions are: 1. This is THE scooter for riders over 6 ft./182cm. Plenty of legroom, …

      SYM RV 250 Scooter Reviews 
      How do I love thee, let me count the ways! This is like the perfect bike. I rode a Norton Atlas in the 60s. The SYM gives me the same thrill but …

      Citycom 300i Scooter Review 
      I love this bike. Have put 700 miles on it and loved every mile. It handles well at slow speed and at highway speed. i have had it up to 70 mph and …

      SYM HD 200 Scooter Reviews 
      SYM HD 200, for a commuter scooter ya can't beat her! The SYM HD 200 has what it takes to be reliable (read starts every time), flickable (urban commuting) …

      Lance Cali Classic 125cc Scooter Review (Built by SYM) 
      I am currently enjoying riding the Lance Cali Classic 125cc scooter built by SYM. It is similar in looks to the Lance Vintage, but far superior in all …

      SYM HD 200 EVO Motor Scooter Review Not rated yet
      I talked my wife into getting me the Sym HD 200 Evo scooter for Christmas and she hasn't seen much of me since! Well, we do go for rides together and this …

      SYM HD 200 EVO Scooter Review Not rated yet
      I recently added a Burnt Orange 2012 SYM HD 200 EVO to my collection of bikes. This is one of the best all-around scoots out there! It has 16" wheels for …

      SYM 2008 RV250 Motor Scooter Review Not rated yet
      I own a SYM RV250 scooter... The performance is excellent as I put 1500 miles on it this summer. Visibility is very good, brakes are satisfactory. It's …

      My 2009 SYM HD 200 Scooter Review Not rated yet
      In my past--had a Goldwing and currently own an '03 Silver Wing Honda scooter. I have had it ten years--and wanted something a little lighter, smaller, …

      Sym Euro MX 150cc Scooter Review Not rated yet
      This is the second SYM Euro scooter I have had... the first one I had was written off as a wreck.I got this one in 2008 for $2995Aus on the road. I think …

      SYM 50cc Fiddle II Scooter Review Not rated yet
      I have had this SYM 50cc Fiddle II scooter for about a month now and all my friends love it. The quality is above expected and the style is perfect. For …

      2008 SYM HD200 Gas Scooter Review Not rated yet
      I purchased the SYM HD200 scooter new. It ran fine for about 3,000 miles and then the main fuse would blow when I turned left. The dealer mechanic finally …

      Click here to write your own.

      SYM Joyride 125cc Scooter Review Not rated yet
      The SYM Joyride scooter has great looks almost executive and I feel very comfortable and safe on it. In Israel it's extremely popular for its reliability, …

      Review of the 2009 SYM HD-200 Not rated yet
      In 11 months my SYM HD-200 and I hit a milestone... 5,000 miles! And all of the miles since I bought the HD-200 new from my dealer last July 2009. (As …

      SYM Citycom 300i Review Not rated yet
      I am now riding the Citycom 300i and find it to be a real pleasure! The ride is very comfortable with the 16" tires, the engine is smooth and powerful …

      Click here to write your own.

      If you'd like to see some of the other scooter reviews on this site, return to our main motor scooter reviews page.

      In Summary

      SYM scooters offer quality, both in workmanship and customer service. And even their small, 200cc scooters pack quite a powerful punch. A quick scan of the SYM scooters reviews here will show you that SYM has many happy customers.

      Other pages you might like to visit...

      Tell us all about all your motor scooter adventures... or read others' motor scooter stories

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